Jump-start your Refer-a-friend Program


Simply add a customer, and Reward Dragon emails them a personal testimonial request.


Approved testimonials are displayed on your web site and your Reward Dragon Testimonial Gallery page.


Customers share their endorsement on social media and friends can grab a savings coupon.


Friends save on their first purchase and Reward Dragon emails the referring customer their reward coupon.

See How Reward Dragon Works

People get rewards ad

Referral rewards drive new sales.

Advertising is expensive.

You know how much it costs your business to acquire a new customer through advertising. You also know how much less it costs when a customer sends others your way. It's a fraction of the cost — even when you reward the referral and the new customer with discounts or other special offers.

Happy customers are your greatest advantage.

You have a lot of loyal customers.

You work hard to make sure every customer has the absolute best experience. That’s why they become your regulars, your repeat customers. And, that’s why you should always ask your delighted customers to refer friends, and to write a short testimonial: Your best customers want to brag about their experience with your business.

Happy customers transparent

Sharing spreads the word about your business

Display customer endorsements on your website with the Testimonial Widget.

Drive more referrals to your door

Get started free! No credit card required.

Reward Dragon is the referral marketing software that powers word-of-mouth sales for local business. It’s the simple way to make asking – and receiving – referrals and testimonials a regular habit.

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